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In 1990 we first took an interest in selling and installing satellite TV and sold a few systems through another of our companies which dealt with audio video products and services. (Domestic satellite started in 1985 and so in 1990 this was still the very early years of satellite TV). The satellite products proved to be popular and so our main satellite company was formed in 1991. Right from the start we were dissatisfied with commercially made wall mounts and ground stands so we decided to manufacturer our own. These are now the Primesat Vision heavy duty range. From 1991 until 2002 our business consisted of both mail order and installation departments. We regularly installed all types of satellite systems including fixed dishes, motorised dishes, and IF distribution systems with multiswitches. This is how our staff now have an excellent knowledge base to advise our customers since it originates from installation work and solving practical problems. They are not just sales staff, the know and understand the products. We also have regular refresher courses and training sessions to keep up to date with new products. The Managing Director has a degree in Physics. Early in 1998 we built our first web site. In 2000 the web site became a full e-commerce site with a shopping cart.

This exciting new trade web site for (mostly) our own products was launched in September 2012 but the project and site was started in March 2012. This site contains, products that we manufacturer ourselves, products that are manufactured for us to our own specifications and with our own brand Primesat name and products where we have European, UK or specific distribution rights. We believe there are many quality products on this site that are new and not available from other suppliers. If you have any questions please email us through the contact form on this web site.

Since we started in the early days of satellite TV (and at that time collected and stored samples of early satellite products) we also have a satellite museum. See www.satellitemuseum.com This is the only dedicated satellite museum for consumer satellite products in the world.
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