Primesat Elite 1.0m Prime Focus Dish

Primesat Elite P10MOT 1.0m prime focus dish. The dish includes the intelligent LED Diseqc "Dark Motor". Also included is a prime focus feedhorn and LNB. At last a prime focus dish that looks upwards and purposeful. Looks fantastic. This is not a mass produced, pressed steel (or thin pressed aluminium) dish. This is a high quality, high gain, heavy gauge, spun aluminium precision engineered dish. The nuts and bolts that hold the dish, arms and back plate are stainless steel.

Technical -
10.25GHz Gain 37.2dB. beamwidth 2.25 degrees (-3dB beam)
11.50GHz Gain 38.5dB. beamwidth 1.95 degrees
12.75GHz Gain 39.5dB. Beamwidth 1.75 degrees
Usable diameter 100cm. Maximum diameter including rolled edge 103cm.
Weight of complete kit including motor 15Kg

A Primesat feed support boss and feedhorn are included. c120 flange LNBs from Inverto or Invacom are available. The black dish and black Dark Motor look great. The motor will fit on a pole of 48mm to 76mm. For best results use a 76mm pole as it is more rigid. Also shown in the picture is an optional Primesat GS761FW A recommended wall mount would be the Primesat WMS45076 (heavy duty range.)

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rear view
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front view

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