Primesat 1.8m prime focus satellite dish.

Primesat P18MOT 1.8m prime focus motorised dish. At last a high gain high quality prime focus dish.In the early days of satellite most dishes were prime focus. These days most dishes are offset.This is two ways of doing the same job but prime focus dishes point upwards and look purposeful.From the appearance point of view they are usually the enthusiast's favorite. This one ismade of aluminuim and is one piece. (As a general rule, aluminium is preferable to steeland 1-piece tends to be more efficient that "petalised" or segments.) This attractive dishcomes complete with a very heavy duty polar mount, a prime focus Invacom adjustable feedhornwith Primesat yellow cap and Invacom LNB. The polar mount is "dipped galvanised" which is the best possible type of treatment for withstanding corrosion in high salt areas. Everything about this dish is high quality. All of the nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. The elevation adjusters are made of brass.Also show in the picture is an optional Primesat GS76125 ground stand.

Technical Data
Dish material - Aluminium
Polar mount - Heavy duty galvanised steel polar mount. The collar fits a 76mm diameter pole. The feed support arms are dipped galvanised.
Adjustable feed support boss included, 23mm-40mm.
Optional C Band feed support boss available 23mm-60mm.
Invacom feedhorn with Primesat yellow cap and Invacom 0.3dB c120 flange SNF-031 included. Optional twin, quad or quatro LNBs available.
F/D Ratio - 0.41
Gain @ 10.95 GHz 44.8 dB
Gain @ 11.70 GHz 45.6 dB
Gain @ 12.70 GHz 46.4 dB
Useable electrical diameter 1790mm. Maximum diameter 1940mm
Efficiency - 69 %
Beam width 0.9 degrees
Frequency Range 10,50 GHz - 13,00 GHz
Superjack QARL3624, 24-inch heavy-duty 36V Superjack actuator included.

Primesat P18FIX 1.8m prime focus fixed dish. Specifications as per technical data above.The fixed version uses the same reflector and a galvanised AZEL mount with a collar for a 76mm poleThe same recommended Primesat GS76125 ground stand. can be used. Again stainless steel bolts, nuts and brass elevation adjusters are used. See pictures on the left.

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