Raven motorised 1.8m dish (and fixed dish option).

Raven / Primesat motorised 1.8m dish kit. CM18PR24I.
Heavy duty Raven 1.8m motorised dish kit including Primesat polar mount, heavy duty actuator and Raven matchedfeedhorn with C120 0.2dB Inverto LNB. This is a Raven (formerly Andrews and before that Channel Master) 1.8m dish. Very high gain one piece proven design.The motor unit is a Primesat CH18MK2 polar mount and Superjack actuator. The polar mount is dipped galvanised with a steel back plate to fit the Raven 1.8m dish. All of the bolts and nuts are stainless steel andthe elevation adjusters are made of brass. A 24-inch heavy duty Superjack QARL-3624+ actuator is included. The Raven feedhorn works best with the 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m Raven dishes and is highly recommended for use with these dishes. Use this feedhorn with a C120 flange LNB for better matching and a higher gain than a 40mm clamp LNB of equivalent noise level. Why buy a high quality Raven dish and use a compromise 40mm mass market LNBF where the feed is made for ANY dish?Taking a 1.8m dish as an example - A 40mm LNB may only illuminate 1.7m of dish area or perhaps 1.9mof dish area (i.e. including noise round the edges) but with a matched feedhorn, exactly 1.8m of disharea is illuminated. This feedhorn is for offset dishes and can also be used on other makes of offsetdish. It comes with adapters for either 23mm or 40mm clamps and it comes with the ultimate 0.2 dBInverto LNB. The best combination money can buy. Inverto LNBs are high output LNBs and work well even with long cable runs. Twin, quad and quatro C120 LNBs are optional. The one piece reflector is thermoset-molded glass fiber reinforced polyester for strength and rigidity and surface accuracy. An ultimate dish system for enthusiasts. The Primesat GS76125 ground stand is recommended for this dish.

Technical -
Gain 45.5 dBi at 11.95Ghz.
3dB beamwidth - 1 degree.
Cross polarisation - 30dB
Collar fits a 76mm pole.

Raven fixed 1.8m dish kit with Raven AZEL mount. CM18AZELI.
Go to the Raven fixed dishes page for more details.

Update - An inclined orbit version of this motorised dish is also available.

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