5 Input Multiswitches

EMP-Centauri 5 input (1 sat) multiswitches. Professional Range (profi Class)

These multiswitches work with quatro, quad and octo LNBs.
This is the professional range from EMP-Centauri with a very high build quality, reliable and with a 4 year manufacturers warranty
Multiswitches are ideal for providing multiple satellite points in homes, apartments, rooms or offices from one fixed dish. They can be used in both commercial and domestic applications. Many private customers now choose to have satellite points in every room in the same way as mains outlets or network / internet points. Fitting a satellite provision in every room means that multiple receivers can be used or receivers can be carried from one room to another if required. Multiswitches are used in hotels to provide many TV channels for guests in their rooms. Schools, colleges and commercial buildings all use multiswitches.

If you hover over the pictures you can see a magnified image. On the right hand side of the multiswitch you will see an earth connection. All multiwitches should be properly earthed. These multiswitchers also have a terrestrial input. The terrestrial signal in encoded onto the satellite cable and can be accessed using the correct type of wall plate. If 3 aerials need to be fed into the multiswitch, TV, FM and DAB, they can be combined using a combiner and then the one output of the combiner feeds into the terrestrial input of the multiswitch. Again the aerials are accessed in the rooms with an appropriate wall plate. 8 output, 12 output , 16 output, 20 output and 28 output multiswitches are available.

32 outputs are possible using a 28 output EMP multiswitch and an octo LNB as the octo LNB then has 4 spare outputs

New - also available 5 in and 40 output and 5 in and 60 output powered multiswitch.

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5 input 8 outputs MS5/8PIU-4
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5 input 12 outputs MS5/12PIU-5
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5 input 16 outputs MS5/16PIU-5
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5 input 24 outputs MS5/20PIU-6
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5 input 32 outputs MS5/28PIU-6

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