Transparent Satellite Dishes 85 cm

Primesat CTD85.

This 85cm dish is clearer than any other transparent dish we have seen. It is stronger with re-inforcing structures on the back of the transparent dish reflector. This dish also uses a slim back-plate design which adds to the ability to see right through. It is ideal for conservation areas or customers who like their dish to be less noticeable. Large enough for many satellites when used with multiple LNBs or when a motor is fitted. The gain is similar to other dishes of similar size.

Technical Data

Dish material - Transparent synthesis resin compound
Back-plate - Galvanised Steel
LNB Holding Arm - Aluminium
LNB Clamping - 23-40 mm standard saddle clamp.
Mast Clamp For - 30-50 mm diameter poles.
Elevation range - 5 to 55 degrees
100% UV Resistant corrosion free dish.
Shape memory material.
Easy fit LNB holder.
F/D Ratio - 0,6
Gain @ 10.95 GHz 38.00 dB
Gain @ 11.70 GHz 38.40 dB
Gain @ 12.70 GHz 39.00 dB
Efficiency - 72 %
Frequency Range 10,70 GHz - 12,75 GHz
Resistant to high wind conditions. Resistant up to 180 km/h without breaking.
An ideal wall mount for this dish is Primesat WM400A1D

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